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Tink CLI

The tink-cli is an utility provided by the Tinkerbell community. It is open source and you can find it as part of the tinkerbell/tink repository.

It is used as part of sandbox and delivered as a container or as binary. Checkout the Sandbox release page to retrieve it in the format you need.

The CLI uses the Go gRPC tink/client to communicate with the tink-server.

You can use the command line interface to create, delete or update workflows, hardware data and templates. Or to fetch and filter those resources.

Getting Started

All the traffic between Tinkerbell services is encrypted via TLS, so before running any tink commands you need to set the two environment variables that authenticate the CLI to the tink-server. The tink-server entry point is and is exposed on ports 42113 and 42114.


NOTE: In a real environment, every person that has access to the host and ports can authenticate and use tink-server.

You can export them as environment variables or you can run them in-line as part of the tink command.


Now you can run tink commands without docker-exec.

$ tink hardware list

You can also test by making some hardware data.

$ cat > hardware-data.json <<EOF
  "id": "ce2e62ed-826f-4485-a39f-a82bb74338e2",
  "metadata": {
    "facility": {
      "facility_code": "onprem"
    "instance": {},
    "state": ""
  "network": {
    "interfaces": [
        "dhcp": {
          "arch": "x86_64",
          "ip": {
            "address": "",
            "gateway": "",
            "netmask": ""
          "mac": "08:00:27:00:00:01",
          "uefi": false
        "netboot": {
          "allow_pxe": true,
          "allow_workflow": true
tink hardware push < ./hardware-data.json
2020/08/31 10:20:20 Hardware data pushed successfully

Build your own tink-cli


  • A bit of familiarity with go build, and Go has to be installed.
  • A Provisioner up and running Tinkerbell (works with the Vagrant setup, for example).

SSH into the Provisioner and navigate to the directory where you have cloned the tink repository.

cd tink

Now let's compile the binary with:

go build -o tink cmd/tink-cli/main.go

Tink CLI Commands

The Tink CLI includes commands to create and manage workflows, templates, and hardware data. Complete usage information is available from tink --help or tink <command> --help.

There is an ongoing effort to have a more consistent set of commands. Watch out for breaking changes and deprecations. In case of confusion, run tink --help.